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The most famous casino video games in history

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If you’re looking for casino games to play on your game console or PC, the choice is not that big. Nevertheless, there are a few games that you should definitely know about even though console and game designers keep their distance from casinos. Thus, in 2020, the theme is still little exploited. However, in the history of video games, we can still find real winks on the casino theme, as for example in the famous GTA V. However, what interests us here is indeed games that only offer casino content. 

Let’s discover together the greatest casino video games in history.

Which video games are on the market?

If you look closely at the market, you will immediately see that there are no flagship games that stand out, and this is true for absolutely all casino games: slots, roulette or blackjack.

 Even with Playstation consoles, it’s hard to find a convincing game. However, one game will soon revolutionize the world of casino gaming.

 It is Poker Club, which will be available on consoles and PCs. In particular, you will be able to enjoy a truly immersive poker simulation. 

Never before has such a game been conceived on new generation portals.

Let’s go back much further to find a trace of some of the most famous casino video games in history. In any case, if you’re looking for real vintage, you’re going to get what you need. In fact, Caesars Palace on SEGA is one of the first casino themed games, and one of the best, and it’s over 30 years old since it first appeared in 1990. Then, you have to go until 2001 to enjoy the High Roller Casino game where you can enjoy games such as blackjack, roulette and slot machines. Then, we can also point out Vegas Casino High 5 for Nintendo console, dating exactly from 2007.

The three games mentioned above have almost the same script. However, they allow you to play in a Las Vegas-style gaming world. If you are a fan of casinos, you will have to make do with these few games on consoles and PCs. Discover other must-haves with the following paragraph.

Discover the casino video games you can’t afford to miss

Over the years, with the progression of graphics, card games have looked more and more like something. Among the most famous games, we can mention the golden nugget game (the video game), which offered the possibility to play your favorite hobbies on the portable Game Boy Advance console. Moreover, games on mobile consoles were becoming more and more popular, with Vegas Casino High Five on the Nintendo DS system and the famous Nintendo 3DS.

It is not easy to find quality casino video games. In order to help you, use quality reviews. Thus, you will inevitably find a bonus casino without quality deposit. On this kind of sites, you will be able to take advantage of bonuses without depositing free spins on slot machines such as Play’n Go, where the adrenaline is bound to be there. Play online casino and casino video games without waiting! More modern consoles also offer quality casino games. For example, on Nintendo’s famous Switch, you’ll find Vegas Party, which has the advantage of being able to bring together four players simultaneously.

Another quality game: Golden Nugget Casino DS, playable on DS of course, allows players to blaze away at the casino to a multitude of games. Thus, one finds in particular the inescapable blackjack with this numerous tables, the roulette, the craps or the video poker. It is also possible to play the following games: craps, pai gow poker or video blackjack. You can also play slots with eight different themes. In any case, this puzzle video game released in 2006, designed by Skyworks and published by Majesco Sales, is one of the best of its kind.

Another proposal that we offer: Hoyle Casino 5. With this game you can play poker, blackjack, roulette and many other games. Offered on PC, you will start with an amount of five thousand dollars in order to try to win the jackpot in the different activities offered. On the plus side: the presence of a multiplayer mode offering the possibility for players to play locally or on the web.

Hoyle Casino is a video game designed by the Encore, Inc. group, and has appeared on many different consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast and Game Boy Color. It is of course also available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Present in a virtual casino in the famous city of Las Vegas, you will be able to design player profiles and receive a fixed amount of virtual money. Afterwards, a player can go anywhere in the casino and bet his virtual money just like in any physical casino.

What is the future of video gambling casinos?

It’s not just PCs and home consoles! Indeed, there are casino games on portable consoles. This is part of the future of casino gaming. For example, there is the game Ceasar’s Palace, which is one of the oldest of its kind. The latter offers, in a casino, five games of chance and cards in the most famous gaming city in the world: Las Vegas of course. Simple and effective!

In any case, in their early days, gambling was only small interactions of little importance. Nowadays, the offer is more and more complete and the attraction for video games in casinos is getting stronger and stronger. The future of this kind of games is bright, even more so with the arrival of virtual reality. In fact, studios have gone so far as to design entire casinos so that the player can play his favorite games from his living room.

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