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Fill up on vitamins with our free selection of fruit-themed slot games. The works of renowned publishers that we offer are all accessible without downloading, even from your mobile, and to ensure the best experience of this casino entertainment, we combine some no-deposit bonuses and the features of these online video slots with the fruit theme.

Who are the publishers of those games?

One of the mottos of modern times is to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day. But when you can enjoy more legumes every day, why deprive yourself of them? At the bend of our mosaic of the best free casino games under the theme of fruits, our slot machines referenced here are available without registration, and especially without downloading, from all supports.

Before taking advantage of the attractive no-deposit bonuses or casino promotions, it is essential to know which publisher to refer to to get the best free online fruit-themed games. For casino entertainment software, this theme is almost an obligation. In conceiving that the most downloaded free mobile gaming applications, we find among others CandyCrush or Fruit Mania, the slot machines are here made accordingly. The Swedish provider NetEnt, for example, offers two of the most modern titles for the most popular non-download video slots: Fruit Shop and Fruit Spin. But BetSoft also offers one of the latest 2018 creations on the theme of fruit, with a composition with 3D visual animations for an exceptional title, Fruit Zen. Other softwares sometimes unknown to the general public will be able to offer you a very nice basket to compose at the market, with a local product, Fruit Slot by Pragmatic Play, or a forgotten fruit with Classic 

Bonus and No Deposit Bonus Features

Don’t we always say that it’s good to eat an apple before each meal, to calm our stomach a little, our hunger of the moment, and take more pleasure with a varied menu? By taking advantage of all the free slot machines on fruit games, this expression takes on its full meaning. Feel free to try out our no-download entertainment panel, and approve or disapprove of the few bonus features that come with it, to win a great jackpot. Mystery Fruit, for example, is a still-life that looks great at first glance, and it’s a great way to get the most out of your first few slender spins. Red Tiger’s Mystery Fruit, a still life that’s fun from the first few slender spins, is a Red Tiger creation that offers basic entertainment options with wilds and scatters to make your fruit smoothie on this slot machine even more fun, with free spin prizes and jokers to make winning combinations more vitamin-rich for your bank account. But there’s also a progressive jackpot feature that’s not to be sneezed at. A gauge is placed on the left side of the screen, and it fills up as wins accumulate in the free spins mode alone. In addition, a Wheel of Fortune can deliver generous bonuses, including a win multiplier of x10.

We also want to put the cherry on this fruit basket, with slots that will be subject to no-deposit bonuses. It is very generally the publishers and software companies that give it away to promote their new creations. This has been the case since the launch of Fruit Zen by BetSoft in early 2018. So don’t hesitate, bring your strawberry, don’t cut the pear in half, and we remind you that you have to be a little higher than three apples to be able to play these real money games.

Free Mobile Games

The best way to take advantage of our free selection of all these fruit-themed casino games is still to enjoy your freedom. This is why, like many casinos, we have opted for a formula without downloading, but also and above all adaptable to all your mobile media. Whether you are then on Android, iPhone or even from a touch tablet, all this entertainment offers moments of pure pleasure and relaxation, while enjoying the sun outside. It is undoubtedly the best way to have a peachy complexion. The resolution of all these free games of chance will be ideal, with no loss of quality compared to your computer, and above all, a most playful freedom. So enjoy our little fruit salad around the most popular online slot machines, as well as the latest exclusive novelties.

Fruit Slot Machine Configuration

The fruitful composition of video slots for many publishers will be similar to the normative configuration of all random casino entertainment. In this sense, the game board is most commonly arranged in 5 reels and 3 rows. However, there are some publishers who greatly prefer the old fruits, those that can sometimes be forgotten, but whose flavors are quickly regained. This is particularly the case with Classic Fruits. The Huuuge Games software then invites you to compose your fruit basket on an attraction of the casinos in three very basic rolls, in the manner of the penguin bandits, and for a limited number of 5 payment lines. BAR and magic 7 are mixed with this vitamin-rich composition of cherries, lemons and plums. The Zeus Play teams, on the other hand, have opted for 5 reels and 4 rows, with a total of 40 winning combinations. Hence the name of this most evocative free online game: 40 Flaming Lines. For Tom Horn Gaming, this cheerful mashed potato can be mixed more than 243 times, with the same number of paylines, on a most original creation that will change standards. This superb work is referenced under the title 243 Crystal Fruits.

The Fantasy On The Fruit Theme Slot Machines

The pleasure of a fruit-themed slot machine is not only based on these special flavors that usually accompany our end of meals with seasonal compositions. No, a little touch of fantasy and sweetness can sometimes make it all better packed. So for fans of whipped cream and sugar on their strawberries, we have a few leading free casino games that don’t lack originality. Plenty On Twenty is one of them, giving life to all your fruits, like this drink that diverts orange juice to a mix of fruits, giving them life under streams of spring water. And speaking of sodas, the title 7Up will also be a very evocative title. One of the last great works that we can offer you without downloading through our free fruit-themed games, the Fruits & Diamonds virtual video slot will not lack punch, with some of the most successful visual animations, and above all an exceptional jackpot that we owe to MrSlotty.

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