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Professional sports bettors: who are they?

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The popularity of online betting sites and apps, in particular Bet22 app, can be explained in part by the fact that more and more bettors are declaring that they make a living from it. Most of them spend their lives traveling and offer the promise of easy income far removed from the reality of salaried employment.

Who are the people who make their living from sports betting?

Start by really confronting yourself with who these professional gamblers are. You could follow a blog or specialized forums, where many bettors share their experience and give you an idea of their daily life. Youtube is also an excellent source of information: there are many betting channels that make their living from online betting, including in French. You’ll soon realize that there is no single type of professional bettor: men, women, young or old, it’s not the profile of the person that will determine their success in sports betting.

What is the difference between an amateur bettor and a professional bettor?

The right question to ask is why do these gamblers manage to make a regular income from online betting when the majority of them lose money? Here are some key points:

  • The professional bettor is an expert in his field. Choose a sport that you are good at, and learn as much as you can about it. Do you play video games? Don’t bet on soccer, keep up to date with all the eSport news and only bet on these sports.
  • The professional bettor aims for the long term. He does not let himself be attracted by exceptional odds and prefers small regular winnings to big one-off winnings.
  • The professional bettor knows how to manage his bankroll. He is aware at all times of the money he earns and the money he spends.
  • And, above all, the professional bettor bets with his head, not his heart. He does not let his emotions dominate him. He accepts defeat calmly and will accept to bet against his favorite team if he feels they will lose.

Disadvantages of the life of a professional bettor

The good things about being a sports bettor are obvious. Freedom, strong sensations, the possibility to live from your passion… they are numerous. However, don’t lose sight of the negative points.

Being a sports bettor won’t leave you as much free time as you might think: to earn a living, you’ll have to constantly keep up to date with the news of your favorite sport. This is time-consuming. On the other hand, your winnings will be irregular. Making long-term plans will be complicated, in addition to the permanent stress that will weigh on your shoulders. Finally, it can quickly become redundant. The first year, spending your days on the sports betting platforms may be fun, but in the long run you may feel a certain weariness.

In any case, if the experience appeals to you, it is best to try it. You now have all the information you need to do it right!

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